DAS Distributed Antenna Systems

Phazar has developed a broad range of outdoor antennas specifically designed for DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems). These antennas allow carrier’s to rapidly increase capacity and deploy new spectrum in zoning challenged locations. The antennas can combine several different frequency bands to allow multi-user options and antenna sites on utility poles, street lights, lamp-posts and monopole structures. Special mounting features are offered to allow the antennas to be seamlessly added to the structures for ease of deployment and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Outdoor DAS systems are becoming an increasingly important option for carriers to offer expanded services in major metropolitan areas. The outdoor DAS system gets the signals closer to the end user making future 4G systems more effective. These DAS systems also assist indoor DAS systems as more and more usage of carrier’s service are used for broadband applications inside buildings.


700 MHz and Cellular Antennas – Phazar has developed omni-directional and directional antennas that cover the 698 to 960 MHz frequency range for either the new 700 MHz bands or the 850 MHz cellular/SMR bands. These antennas can be offered in single, dual or dual polarized sector antennas for MIMO and LTE applications.


AWS and PCS Antennas – Phazar also developed omni-directional and directional antennas that cover the 1710 to 2170 MHz frequency ranges for either the new AWS band or the PCS band. These antennas can also be offered in single, dual or dual polarized sector antennas for MIMO or LTE applications.


BRSAWS Quad Antenna – Phazar can combine the two above frequency ranges in a special “Quad” antenna which allows carrier’s to share the DAS antenna sites. Our “Quad” antenna has become the de-facto standard antenna used in the industry by both carriers and neutral hosts. A number of “Dual” combinations of these BRS (698 to 960 MHz) and AWS (1710 to 2155 MHz) are also offer in heights of 22”, 48” and 57”.


Broadband Antennas – Broadband systems for WiMAX in the 2.6 GHz frequency band have also been developed for DAS systems and MIMO coverage in metropolitan areas. Current antennas are also being developed in the L-Band for 1525 to 1661 MHz.


Advanced Wireless Services 1710-2155 MHz


Broadband Wireless Services 700 MHz & 2.6 GHz


Dual Band 700 MHz & 2.6 GHz


Cellular Radio Telephone 806-960 MHz


Phazar has developed antennas for the 1525-1661 MHz L-Band


Personal Communication Services 1850-1940 MHz